Online Commenting: Conversation Friend of Foe?

SXSW 2012 Interactive Panel Proposal

Not long after I figured out a way to empirically measure the somewhat squishy phenomenon of conversational journalism, I started getting questions from people about whether story commenting was an example of it (see this post and this post for discussions). I couldn’t say definitively because I didn’t test story commenting in any of my controlled experiments. But the question nagged at me. So in recent months, I ran another experiment to get some answers, and also to determine if commenting helps journalists with their most treasured values: perceived credibility and expertise.

As with the earlier data, I’m eager to share the answers with a broad group of folks, from journalists to bloggers to academics. So I’ve proposed a session as South by Southwest in 2012. If you think it’s valuable, please consider voting for it here* at the PanelPicker. (Note, if you don’t already have a voting account, you may have to sign up first.)

* You could also just buy me a drink, as usually

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